Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Link to my Facebook Artist Page

I've had a huge computer crash, which is still under warranty, so that has been taking up a lot of my time and energy.

If you are interested in seeing my digital art exercises, please follow this link :

... there's a whole bunch of them there.

Hopefully, now I'm back on deck again, more will appear on this blog.


  1. Waves of empathy coming at you from sunny Ballarat. I foolishly deleted one stray ini file (put in a folder named 'recovered' by the guy I paid to service my Toshiba), and now nothing works, even after re-installing the program the file was part of.
    Intending to buy new laptop tomorrow, and was thinking of YOU when I logged on just now, remembering that years ago you said "never buy Toshiba", and I won't.
    Sorry I don't go to Facebook any more. Twitter reading keeps me busy. 140-character limit forces everybody to get to the point.
    Hope youse all are DRY and warm. X X

  2. Hi Ann, do you still have your original disc that came with the laptop, so you can do a clean install? That should give you the equivalent of a new computer. I spent a lot of time two days ago cleaning an horrific virus out of a friend's laptop, and love it... though it makes my head ache!You are a bit far away, otherwise I would have a go.

    I would also ask the guy who serviced it to fix it. There shouldn't be a stray 'recovered' file floating around.

    My Dell had multiple structural issues, which required replacement, but Dell was very patient and kept sending a techie up here in the hills... 4 times in all!

    My Facebook page is open and doesn't require membership.

    Dry and warm? Windy and wet, but we're snug inside, as I hope you are. xx

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