Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stencil Exercise

I love the look of woodcuts, etching and stencils, so have played around this morning with creating a rough stencil in Art Rage and Photoshop, and then experimented with how to present it.

It was quite time consuming cleaning up the graphic and working out what to leave and what to keep.

It has definite possibilities methinks.

Another one.....

And again. I like the washed out canvas finish and the rough blocking in of colours elsewhere.

I will go back in and do another stencil for cloud detail behind.


  1. lovely images, as always Miz R, but I confess that digital art is a mystery to me.

    My dear Nan born 1897 would be madly sending me photos from her iPhone if only she had lived to 110, and I will have to wait for the next advance in art technology which allows my vision to flow direct from minds-eye to hard copy.

    Looking happily forward to your next treat. X X

  2. Hi Ann, you've followed me across! I don't seem to get into my BH blog no matter how hard I try. There are so many areas I am writing in and posting my work... and my website is SO out of date. Saty tuned there will be more.

    My old dad would have loved the internet and all the developing technology and I would have loved to teach him. Sadly, he died in 1988, which was too early for any of it. :0)